Overall view of the complete vise, with double heads (a), bobbin cradle (b),  backdrop plate (c) plus a couple of additional accessories, the attachment for the waste bag (d) and the tools support (e).


I am proudly presenting here the ultimate vise for fly tying born from the innovative mind of an Italian craftsman, Mr. Franco Cottarelli.

The special features of this vise makes it particularly indicated for classic salmon fly tying, .....but not only. 

The T-Rex is manufactured with quality control machineries and made entirely with the best steel and brass. Every component is hand assembled and controlled to assure the highest grade of quality.

Let me bring you through a short presentation of the peculiarities of the T-Rex model, a 360° true rotary vise whose jaws take care of your precious hooks.

Let’s start with the handle. It is entirely made in brass and it offers the possibility to adjust the counter balancing effect in order to assure a proper and efficient rotation of the vise.

This is the heart of the vise, the rotary shaft with counter balanced handle (a), rotational drag system (b) and the fork with double head attachment (c).

While working, the full vise can be angled to offer maximum accessibility to the fly.

Here it comes the heads: despite the name, T-Rex, the jaws of this vise are made to work with great delicacy to fix the hook in two points without requiring too much pressure. Therefore you can finally use every kind of salmon fly hooks with no chance of damaging them. Antique hooks, new hooks made by the best makers, home made or reshaped hooks, no matter if japanned of painted, they will be safe and protected by the double touch of this vise. 

Combined with a thin piece of paper or plastic, for the usual additional protection, the two points pressure give optimal fixing strength with a light touch.

When used with normal fishing flies, for bass, pike, saltwater and salmon, we can tighten the jaws even stronger giving a bomb proof fixing to the hooks.

The salmon fly in the picture is on a 9/0 hand made hook.

Details of the integrated centring gauge (a) and materials fixing pins (b)

The T-Rex vise offers the possibility to be used with one head or to be fixed with tube flies and extended bodies tools. Let me show you how it works.

First, with the allen wrench loosen the screw nut as shown on the picture.

Extract the entire handle knob and loosen tension on the drag knob.

In this picture is detailed the drag knob and the drag brass cone.

Insert the tube flies (or extended body tool) and fix the handle knob. Tighten the drag knob and the nut screw.

When tying small fishing flies you can simply mount the standard fork for the single head with the smaller jaws.

This makes the vise the most functional fly tying tool on the market. With one vise you can tie dries, nymphs, streamers, bass and pike bugs, saltwater flies, tube flies and our loved classic salmon flies on the precious japanned hooks. From dries to salmon flies in few seconds.

Details of the head. The jaws (a), the fixing knob to the fork (b) and the tensioning knob acting on the jaws (c).

For fly tiers always on the move there is also a Traveller version available. Pictures show the vise folded and open. The tripod made entirely in brass offers good stability also on irregular supports.

The vise folded

For those fly tiers who don’t tie any large flies the Cottarelli vise is available with just the single head shaft.

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SUPER GLUE POT: This is a very special tool designed and manufactured by Mr. Cottarelli. Its use is to keep super glues fresh for several hours of use. It saves your superglue bottle and can be easyly cleaned by heating the small steel cup.