Artistic Flies
by Alberto Calzolari

My name is Alberto Calzolari. I was born in Bologna in 1964 and started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 14th.

After several years of practicing with every sort of fishing flies I began getting interest in the history of fly fishing and especially of fly tying.

The flies of the past, the techniques used and the stories behind their use and their creators were fascinating me and step by step I was naturally attracted by what I consider the highest art form in fly tying: the salmon flies.

Especially the classic salmon flies, which were designed many years ago to entice the king of the fishes, the salmon.

Of course a special thanks goes to my two mentors, Massimo Masi for having taught me the love for this gentle art and for having made me a better angler, and to Fabrizio Gajardoni for his patience in teaching me the art of salmon fly tying.

In this site I don't pretend to teach anything new but simply to share my love for these form of art in every aspect, the design, the colours, the rare and unusual materials used and all the crafts that somehow has something to do with this lovely flies.

The classic salmon flies are deeply impregnated of historical taste and tying them nowadays is a tribute to the men and women who have designed and fished them, a part being a mixture of pleasure, challenge and, in my opinion, with a bit of ZEN philosophy in the concentration required when tying them.

Here I will share my love for beautiful feathers, silks and tinsels, the hooks, my tentative in making them (or better reshaping), my love for books and antique tackle, the collection of flies made by more or less famous tiers of today and of the past.

I consider myself very lucky to have many friends around the world. It is a precious gift.

Therefore, if you share with me one of the above passions we are already walking the road together toward the friendship. Please feel free to contact me at my

e-mail :